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About Abraham

Why did you register with Adia?

I wanted to work flexibly to gain a lot of experience.

Why do you like to work flexibly?

I particularly appreciate the fact that I can do different jobs and get to know different companies.

What do you like most about Adia?

I appreciate the availability and attention that Adia employees give us Adia

Where do you see a need for improvement?

 It would be great if more companies could use Adia so that we Adia Workers could get even more work assignments.

When you think about your many job, which one was the best and why?

At Coop I had my best job and the coolest tasks. It was also great that I was able to work there for two full days in a row.

Would you recommend Adia to your friends?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Adia to my friends, because I think Adia is 100% credible.

Thank you, Abraham, for your time and your honest answers. We wish you many more great missions and continued success with Adia.