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About Marco

How did you find out about Adia?

I found out about Adia online.

Why did you register with Adia?

The app and the company website connected with me immediately and the concept behind Adia convinced me. What's really great is that you don't have to wait long for your money.

What do you particularly like about Adia? What's not so good? Where do you see a need for improvement?

The upside at Adia: The employers I have met are always nice to work for, well informed, up to date and clear in their requests. Adia is also very easy to reach, both by e-mail and telephone. The hospitality industry is very dynamic and fast these days, so Adia is a great place to work. I have a complete overview of my assignments and pay slips at all times. Really great! The updates are very good. You see, that the App is moving forward. Adia also offers me security when it comes to salary payments, which I really appreciate in the Gastro sector. To be honest, I would be very reluctant to work without a reliable partner like Adia in the high-risk financial area of gastronomy.

What Adia could do even better:

The payroll accounting should be done via the app, and you should be able to choose whether you want your money after the end of the job, weekly or 48 hours after confirmation of the hours. You should have a blocking list in the app where you can note companies you don't want to be contacted by. It would be great if you could see who has rated you, especially for large companies. The chat should work better. A clear separation between Adecco and Adia in the advertisements would also be desirable.

If you think about your jobs wth Adia, which one are the best and why?

The best job was in the Samsung Hall Stettbach: modern concept, top quality and interesting events. Good accessibility, good payment, human contact, impeccable staff catering.

Do you work with other job platforms besides Adia? If so, with whom and why?

I only work with Adia.

Have you already met other Adiaworkers?

Yes. And as far as I know, the Adia workers were all happy. I am always happy to recommend Adia to others.

Thank you, Marco, for your time and the great interview. We wish you continued exciting assignments and much success with Adia.