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About Melanie


How did you find out about Adia?

I searched online for "flexible part-time jobs for students" and came across Adia via Adecco. 

Why did you register with Adia?

I immediately liked the app and I didn't hesitate to register. Everything was very descriptive, clear and understandable and there's also a great feature that allows you to restrict regions as well as working areas. The offers you get are well-suited to you, and only the job's you'd like to work show up on your profile. 

How has your experience with Adia been so far?

You get to know a lot of new people and and experience new ways of working during your assignments. The jobs are always something new and offer a lot of variety. The salary is transferred immediately after the assignment. If you have any questions or problems, the Adia team is always available, friendly and helpful.

Why do you like to work flexibly?

As a student you depend on flexible working hours. The timetables are constantly changing and the workloads vary greatly throughout the year. It becomes very practical for me to know that I can look at every week and see how much time I have available to earn money. For example, if you are employed in an office 20%, you have a much greater obligation than if you can always sign up for new assignments, depending on time capacity. You also don't have to take other employees or holidays into consideration. You're really super flexible in every aspect and that's just brilliant!

What do you like about Adia? What's not so good? Where do you see a need for improvement?

I already mentioned many positive points in the previous questions. Super App, good, clear design, easy handling. Friendly team for questions or problems. Fast payment of wages. Varied, flexible assignments in your region. 

I find it a bit tedious to have to give a reason if a job is rejected.

It might be possible to react a little faster to an application, so that you know as soon as possible whether you definitely have to keep the date free for the assignment or can plan another program.

Have you already met other Adia Workers?

Since I have recommended Adia to a number of colleagues, I know other Adia Workers :-) During the assignments you also meet Adia Workers again and again. Since they are mostly from a place nearby, you sometimes run into them again.

Thank you, Melanie, for your time and the detailed answers. We wish you continued cool efforts and much success with Adia.