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  • Self-Service

    Find casual staff on demand

  • Consultant

    We'll manage your casual staff

  • Payroll

    Outsource your wage administration

  • Planner

    Plan shifts easily

Factor x1.32
It's great when business is going really well - but only when reliable employees are available quickly. 

With Adia's Self-Service, you have access to qualified and quickly available temporary staff. With a factor of only 1.32. Let's get going! 
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More Flexibility 
better results

When the going gets tough, this tool will help you meet the demand. With Self-Service, proven, reliable helpers are just a push of a button away.

We are constantly working to improve our matching algorithm. Because only the best possible results are good enough for you.

  • Super simple to use
  • You only pay if you hire
  • Speed up your hiring process

The right team,
when you need them

Self-service masters the challenge of finding the best available temporary staff for every job. It relies on skills, location, availability and evaluations. 

Self-Service suggests a selection of suitable temporary staff and can even take care of payroll accounting. Paperwork? Stress? no longer an issue. No longer an issue.

  • You and your workers stay up to date and receive automatic notifications.
  • You manage your own pool of proven temporary employees
  • Our expert Customer Support are always there for you during office hours.

Incredible! Self-service does it all.
Self-Service doesn't quite fit?
Perhaps you need support when planning shifts? Try our Planner 
Price on request*

Relax - we have everything under control. Are you under time pressure or do you find the search for temporary staff too tedious, would a little support save you a lot of time and money? We'll do it for you! And you can dedicate yourself to other things.

We call it a consultant - for good reason. You get your own, competent consultant, who takes care of suitable temporary help - and of you.

*Tailored to your needs

We have everything 

under control
Sit back, your temporary workforce issues are in the best of hands. Your consultant plans shifts, checks applicants, fills temporary positions and meets all your requirements. And should you ever need help, someone is always on hand during office hours.

Benefit from more

Your consultant adapts to the way you work. With hardly any effort you'll have and you'll gain the time you used to dream of. Our consultants have everything under control. And the icing on the cake: You only pay when you hire.

Great! Consultant is exactly what I need.
Consultant doesn't quite fit?

Would you like to have control of the process and find temporary staff yourself? Then Self-Service is perfect for you 

Factor x1.25
You already have your own temps, but the administration's robbing you of your last nerve. 
Or do you simply want more time for other things?

With Payroll, we take over your temporary staff, the entire salary administration and the employer risk. And we guarantee compliance with all labour law regulations.

Don't feel like 

Adia will take care of your paperwork.
Our safe and reliable payroll administration protects you and your employees from any legal trouble - so you can fully concentrate on your core business. 

  • Employment of your temporary workers
  • We take care of all temporary workforce administrative tasks
  • Coverage of employer risk 


Easy is our middle name. Our processes are simple and flexible. 

  • Easily and efficiently communicate
  • We take care of all your administrative tasks
  • Our support team is available from Monday to Friday during office hours

Awesome! Payroll is what I need.

Payroll doesn't quite fit?
Why not let us free up some time for you? Let our Consultant offering take care of your temporary staffing process.
trial version

A cost-effective and simple tool for planning and coordinating the workload and absences of your own employees.

Hurray! No more
Planning marathon

Now headaches and endless back-and-forth are a thing of the past. The Planner takes care of all the hard work for you and automatically adjusts shifts to the personal schedules of your employees.

  • Focus on other key areas of your business
  • Our Customer Support Team is always there for you during office hours.
  • Save time and inspire your employees

As easy as pie


The easiest tool to plan your shifts. Easily set up shift notifications and create simple or highly complex shift plans while managing as many employees as you want. 

  • Employees can manage their own availability and absences
  • The Customer Support Team is always there for you during office hours.
  • Digital duty roster with comprehensive overview

Incredible! I would love to try Planner.
The planner doesn't quite fit?
Maybe you need some help with your wage administration? Why not take a look at our Payroll offering