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MO Catering:
«Working with Adia is always successful and cost-effective.»
350 guests? No problem. With Adia you can find qualified and reliable temporary staff with ease.

For MO Catering, Adia is the ideal partner when hiring suitable staff for big projects or even on short notice. Mo Catering's manager Christian relies on Adia when he needs flexible staff in the kitchen, service and dishwashing areas.
Hire workers in a few easy steps with Adia.
Christian Stadler, Catering Manager at MO Catering explains how he quickly finds top quality staff for his events.
Migros Aare:
«The Adia tool is super easy to use» 
Migros Aare relies on Adia to ensure that guest hospitality services runs smoothly both on and off the pitch.

Between 10 and 50 qualified service staff, cooks, kitchen assistants and event staff are on duty per game. Thanks to Adia's easy-to-use tool, they were found quickly and easily.
Wolke 7 Events:
«You can rely on Adia 100%.»
It's already the second year Wolke 7 Events has relied on Adia to partner with their caterer at the Tour de Suisse, providing top-class quality candidates.. 

Top cyclists weren't the only ones working full steam with Adia workers making sure all VIP guests were well-fueled and ready for a spectacular event in the middle of a beautiful Swiss Summer.
The new way to work - get started! 
Adia is fast, cost-effective and top quality.
Join us and experience your own success story with Adia

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