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  • Scheduling

    Plan shifts easily

  • Self-service

    Find casual staff on demand

  • Consultant

    We'll manage your casual staff

  • Build-your-own

    A combination of all products

£250 per month*

A cost-effective, easy-to-use tool to organise your employees' shifts and holidays

Operational efficiency. Day in, day out at only £250 per month. Yes please.

*starts from

Hurray! No more
planning issues

No more headaches, no more lengthy back and forths. All gone. Adia automatically matches and notifies your employees when shifts are available..

  • Focus on other important parts of your business
  • So easy you and your employees will love it
  • Customer Support Team available during office hours


This is the simplest scheduling tool out there. You can seamlessly match your employees' preferences with your needs and set shift notifications - and you can manage unlimited numbers of employees. Job done.

  • Free app for employees to manage their availability and time off
  • Digital rota with a master overview
  • Customer Support Team available during office hours

Great. Scheduling will do the job.
Scheduling not ticking the right boxes?
Need help finding casual staff instead? Why not take a look at a different product, Self-service.

It’s great when your business gets proper busy, but it’s vital that you can quickly get reliable casual staff to help.

Self-service is perfect for doing just that. And typically with 20% margin? Bring it on.

More agility
better results

When things get busy, you’ve got a proven tool for stabilising and managing demands. Self-service gives you verified and reliable casual staff on demand.

We’re constantly improving our matching algorithm so that you keep getting the best results possible.

  • Super simple to use
  • Only pay when you hire
  • Dedicated tech support 

The right people
on demand

Self-service does the hard work of sourcing the best workers available, matching people to jobs based on the required skill level, location, availability and ratings. It shortlists candidates and can even handle your payroll – and your stress.

  • Hire from a pool of verified and rated workers
  • You and your casual staff get automated notifications
  • Expert tech support available around the clock

Great. Self-service will do the job.
Self-service not ticking the right boxes?
Think you need a scheduling tool for your employees as well? Why not take a look at a different product, Consultant.

Relax, we’ve got this. Whatever your staffing needs we’ll sort it so you can get on with what's really important, running your business.

We call it Consultant* for a good reason: you get your own dedicated consultant who’ll look for casual staff and look out for you. 

*volume discounts apply

More expertise
on hand

Consultant will fit in with the way you work. You’ll barely lift a finger, and it’ll free up time you never thought you’d have. Our consultants know exactly what to do, so you don’t have to. And the cherry on the top – you only pay when you hire.

  • Staffing experts on hand
  • Hiring and fulfilling on your behalf
  • 24/7 customer care

Relax, it’s all
taken care of.

You can relax knowing your staffing needs are under control. Your consultant will plan shifts, screen applicants, hire workers and manage attendance on your behalf. And whenever you need help, you’ve got across-the-board service 24/7.

Great. Consultant will do the job.
Consultant not ticking the right boxes?
If you would rather find casual staff yourself, then take a look at another product in our arsenal called Build-your-own.

With Build-your-own*, not only can you sort your existing employees, you can also find and manage your casual workers.

Our tool helps you build consistent (and consistently great) teams by keeping your employees and trusted temps on the same page. One platform to manage them all.

*volume discounts apply

Staffing for the
way you work

This is the only platform that lets you manage your own employees while finding and managing casual workers. It’s a tried and tested tool to help you spot gaps in your shift plan and fill them with great staff on demand. Build-your-own does the hard-lifting so you can put your feet up for a minute.

  • Cost effective, and fast-tracked hiring
  • Intelligent Scheduling - prevent gaps in your digital rota
  • Pay only when you hire

Support for you 
and your team

Build-your-own won’t drop you in the deep end. It’s the simplest tool out there and comes with a free app for your employees and casual staff too. So when you make working schedules and expand your workforce, everyone’s on the same page.

  • Simple scheduling tool for both your employees and casual staff
  • Hire workers, manage contracts and payroll in one place
  • Tech support 24/7

Great. Build-your-own will do the job.
Build-your-own not ticking the right boxes?


Not quite what you're looking for? Why not contact us and discuss your individual business needs with someone.