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Help in the
fight against grime 

Residential cleaning, commercial janitorial services, specialty cleaning and laundry/dry cleaning services. There’s an awful lot of dirt out there.  And whatever your place in the industry, when you need extra help you’re depending on people who’ll work professionally and deliver to the highest standards.

So when the work piles up and you need dependable cleaners to dig you out, Adia will help you find and manage the people with the right stuff.

Find cleaning

Sourcing reliable and hard-working casual staff in the cleaning industry can be challenging.

Finding people who can stomach difficult situations. Who can pay close attention to details. People who take a pride in their work. It’s not easy, but we’ll make sure you get those people.

Flexibility at
the touch of a button

We’ve always thought that finding and managing talent should be simple. So we’ve created a suite of tools that are ridiculously easy to use and understand.

  • Planner – Does the hard work by automatically matching shifts to fit your employees' own schedules.
  • Finder – Sources casual staff on demand, matches people to jobs based on the required skill level, location, availability and ratings.
  • Manager – A dedicated account manager does it all for you: plans shifts, screens applicants, hires workers and manages attendance on your behalf.
  • Builder – Shift planning for your existing employees and at the same time also finds and manages your casual workers.
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