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Creating a
lasting impression

We understand how much meticulous planning and complex orchestration it takes to pull off a successful event. And when it comes down to it, the people you hire to bring your event to life aren't just doing a job–they're representing your brand.

That’s why we’re committed to making it quicker and easier than ever for you to find the people who have what it takes to help make your event a smashing success.

Find miracle

How do you find the right temp workers for your event or promotion?

Quickly sourcing a large number of skilled communicators may seem about as doable as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But we can help you work the magic when you need it. We'll get you the right number of people with the right skills, right when you need them.

People ready
from the get go

We want to make it super simple for you to staff up on demand and manage as many temp workers as you need without missing a beat. So we’ve created a suite of tools that are ridiculously easy to use and understand.

  • Marketplace – Sources temp workers on-demand, matches people to jobs based on the required skill level, location, availability and ratings. 
  • Scheduler – Does the hard work by automatically matching shifts to fit your employees' own schedules.
Ready to streamline all of your staffing needs?
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